Sports Camp - Spain

Spain breathes soccer. In addition, the country offers amazing sports camps for Tennis, Watersports, Paddle etc where students can explore and experience training programs that include the best and latest techniques in playing the sport they are passionate about. Coaching teams challenge and support junior players at every level to improve their skills while making new friends from across the world in a fun, inclusive environment with 24-hour care.


At this summer camp learn the game style (football) and the methodology in a club.A one or two weeks program to practice technical and tactical concepts based on positional and possession play, together with theory sessions.Interaction and personal development with boys and girls from all around the world united by one passion - soccer. Multicultural experience with healthy habits such as nutrition and rest.


  • 8 days enhanced experience
  • Accommodation
  • All transfers
  • Sightseeing tour
  • 6 days training (football)
  • Expedition leader and support staff
  • 24 hour emergency support