Space Camp - Singapore

This is Singapore’s space training programme conducted with a special focus to create awareness in the space industry, and to promote science and engineering among students. All rounded students between 14 – 21 years are selected to participate in an intensive programme conducted by former NASA engineers/scientists, who could also be current consultants to NASA’s projects. This space camp has been carefully conceived to ensure high relevance to today’s students’ development, to motivate them to become leaders in tomorrow’s dynamic global playing field.


A special focus to promote science and engineering among students, and create awareness of the space industry and how it affects our every day lives. The programme covers academic-intensive, practical and experimental modules.

Aside from sharing on current technologies and capabilities of global space superpowers, this course/workshop will be tailored in relation to the Singapore context; ie, what Singapore is already doing in this area, and what more we can contribute towards advancing space activities and technologies.


  • 7 days enhanced experience
  • Accommodation
  • All transfers
  • Space activities
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Expedition leader and support staff
  • 24 hour emergency support