Student volunteer today…game changer tomorrow

Date: 06/01/2023

To say that volunteering as a student can change your life is truly an understatement. The positive impact on the individual, the chance to develop skills, the impact on the community one volunteers in, not to mention the lifelong memories created, make it a truly incredible experience.

Research shows that student volunteering can develop students’ community awareness, make them more culturally-sensitive and help them integrate better once at university or in the working world.

Not to mention the great opportunity to meet people with similar interests and do something significant and make a difference at a young age.

Ensuring that students have access to high quality volunteering opportunities and support is high on the EduVoyage agenda. Our volunteer programs are designed to help students grow as human beings, because they encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills, greater personal efficacy and leadership development. In addition to this, they lead to enhanced social responsibility and career opportunities. Teaching, community development, conservations… there are plenty of areas to support the less fortunate and EduVoyage is the ideal partner to point interested students in the right direction.

From wildlife conservation in Malaysia to building schools and working with youth in Tanzania & Nepal, EduVoyage affords students opportunities to grow by encouraging them to learn from and to serve the community.As always, students are accompanied by a dedicated EduVoyage expedition leader and qualified teachers and support staff so parents can be rest assured that their children are safe, secure and changing their lives and the lives of others.