Parent Perspective on Student Travel

Date: 18/12/2022

Do you remember a time when school trips were to the local museum or zoo?  It sometimes meant getting on the bus to explore another city or locality. Those days are long gone. Today’s students are provided with increasing opportunities to travel with their class to exciting domestic and international destinations. These trips are often sponsored by educators who want to expose their students to a larger world. Whether it’s a ski trip to the Swiss Alps or volunteering in Nepal or Tanzania, students today are increasingly offered once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities.

As parents there are obvious concerns and considerations such as cost, safety and viability when making the decision to sign your child up for one of these trips. It is, however, important to weight all those against the numerous benefits of travel on overall development.

Parents want a great trip at a reasonable cost. They want the trip to be well-planned, the chaperones to be seasoned and credible, and the assurance that the kids will be well taken care of and that their child’s safety and security will be top priority. 

This is why working with a tried and tested company is so essential. With tailor-made itineraries and a portfolio of solutions or bespoke arrangements, EduVoyage continues to play an integral role in enriching Education with Travel.EduVoyage follows stringent measures to ensure quality, safety and security. Every aspect of the trip is thoroughly inspected to ensure suitability and compliance with safety measures. In addition to faculties from the institutions and local guides, all trips are accompanied by an experienced member of EduVoyage for 24/7 on the ground assistance. Moreover, all our student travel are mandatorily protected with Travel Insurance.

Once they are reassured, that decision to sign their child up becomes a lot easier. And what a great decision it is. Traveling with their peers, your child will learn new things, meet new people, try new foods and speak new languages. They will head home with great stories, lifelong friends and countless memories. In an age where tolerance and worldliness are now considered essential qualities to be considered for college or a job, supporting an opportunity for travel is a very worthwhile investment in your child’s future. Learn more about EduVoyage and we'd be happy to assist in enriching educational with travel.